DESWARTE-CALMET-CHAUCHAT Legal Services advise and defend its clients in the context of their relations with public sector agents.

Whether they are citizens, service users, public agents, civil servants, co-contractors, economic players, companies or legal persons governed by public law, our clients benefit from all the expertise required to assert a claim or defend their interests in the face of continually evolving technical regulations.

We do not only deal with litigation, but also guide our clients through the decision-making process. Our clients therefore benefit from technical and informed support before entering into a contract with the administration or seeking a decision from a public authority.

Similarly, local or national administrations and public authorities can benefit from support to ensure that their decisions are consistent with the current law.

We provide pre-litigative and litigative support to our clients in the negotiation of transactions and assess both the risks and the chances of success of a possible lawsuit against or on behalf of a legal person.

DESWARTE-CALMET-CHAUCHAT Legal Services represent its clients at administrative tribunals and courts of administrative appeal as well as before independent regulatory authorities.

Our expertise includes the following sectors:

  • Public services,
  • Town planning,
  • Public property,
  • Civil service,
  • Full jurisdiction,
  • Seeking redress for abuses of power,
  • Government contracts.