Contract Law
and Property Law

DESWARTE-CALMET Legal Services regularly act in contract and property law on behalf of companies and individuals.

We provide assistance to our French and foreign clients and advise them on the drafting and analysis of their contracts.

Moreover, we support our clients in cases of litigation. We act on behalf of our clients at the pre-litigation and litigation stages in order to ensure the best defense of their rights.

DESWARTE-CALMET Legal Services particularly specialise in the following kinds of litigation :

  • Litigation about loan agreements,
  • Litigation between companies and consumers,
  • Litigation between creditors and sureties,
  • Litigation concerning the ownership of property, including real estate and personal property,
  • Property disputes concerning succession, undivided co-ownership,

DESWARTE-CALMET Legal Services intervene in these fields before the French and New Caledonian judicial jurisdictions.