Jean-Jacques DESWARTE is a long-established criminal lawyer who has dedicated much of his career to criminal defence.

DESWARTE-CALMET-CHAUCHAT Legal Services operate in all the fields criminal law, i.e. :

  • General criminal law,
  • Business criminal law,
  • Financial criminal law,
  • Media criminal law,
  • Labour criminal law,
  • Health criminal law,
  • Environmental criminal law,

DESWARTE-CALMET-CHAUCHAT Legal Services represent both defendants and victims of crime in criminal proceedings and acts on behalf of both natural and artificial persons.

We also provide advice and assistance throughout proceedings, from the investigative stage to the sentencing hearing. We support clients at Police Tribunals, lower and higher Criminal Courts and the Court of Appeal.

We also act in proceedings involving minors, before a Juvenile Court judge in camera or a Juvenile Court.

With a wealth of experience in this type of litigation, DESWARTE-CALMET-CHAUCHAT Legal Services also act prior to proceedings and provides advice to limit the risk of criminal proceedings.

DESWARTE-CALMET-CHAUCHAT Legal Services primarily deal with serious criminal cases and cases in business criminal law tried in New Caledonia.