DESWARTE-CALMET-CHAUCHAT Legal Office has extensive experience in social law, for which New Caledonia legislates independently from France.

Our social law team deals with all of the standard issues relating to :

  • Individual relations (drafting contracts of employment, negotiating and drafting transaction agreements, private litigations relating to breaches of employment contracts, disciplinary proceedings and breaches of contract proceedings, non-competition clauses, etc.),
  • Labour law relations (management of labour disputes, advice and assistance concerning the social consequences of restructuring, staff representative bodies, relations with trade unions, advice to human resources directors of large organizations, etc.),
  • Electoral disputes (professional elections, etc.),
  • Works committee law,
  • Labour criminal law (undeclared work, infringement of employees’ rights, violations of the rules and regulations relating to working hours or health and safety, work accidents…).

DESWARTE-CALMET-CHAUCHAT Legal Services offer assistance to employers as well as to employees in the management of social law litigation.

Our social law team also provides advice to its clients to help them in the social management of their employees and of representative organizations (such as works committees and health, safety and working conditions committees).

We regularly advise foreign companies that aim to establish themselves in New Caledonia about specific local requirements in social law.