Real estate, construction
and insurance

DESWARTE-CALMET-CHAUCHAT Legal Services regularly act on behalf of its clients in real estate and construction.

We particularly specialise in the following types of litigation :

  • Litigation relating to residential or commercial leases,
  • Litigation relating to co-ownership,
  • Litigation between sellers and buyers (defect of consent, hidden defect, lack of conformity…),
  • Litigation between owners, project managers, contractors and subcontractors on building sites (including work stoppages, delays, damage to real estate, defective work, accidents…).

We provide advice, act on behalf of our clients (including companies, professionals and private individuals) and represent them.

DESWARTE-CALMET-CHAUCHAT Legal Services also operate more broadly in the fields of insurance law and liability law.

We act on behalf of insurers, companies or private individuals in order to defend their rights as soon as litigation identifies a liability.

DESWARTE-CALMET-CHAUCHAT Legal Services act on behalf of its clients at the pre-litigation stage and seeks expert reports when requested. We also defend our clients when expert reports are presented before judicial jurisdictions and arbitration agencies.